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Low flow Showerheads wastes landlords money on water & energy bills!

Sound strange right? But keep reading to learn why.

The US government requires showerheads to have a maximum flow of 2.5 gpm, but the average showerhead still flows at about 4 gpm. The reason for that is that tenants are tampering with low-flow showerheads to feel "Niagara falls" on their head just because they can


Landlords must overcome one big challenge when it comes to regulating shower water usage:

Tenants are inclined to tamper with the low-flow fixtures.

In order to get stronger water pressure, tenants will most likely tamper with low-flow showerheads, as they are easily accessible and exposed. This means that installing low-flow showerheads are a huge waste of time and money for landlords. 

Fortunately, we have a solution!

The Water Scrooge offers a patented, tamper-proof shower flow controller:

How it works

The Water Scrooge™ patented shower flow controller, is a small device that gets attached to the shower fixture behind the wall without tampering in any way with the wall. (it genius, we know 😉) The patented shower flow controller regulates the flow of water and hot water by decreasing the amount used with each shower a tenant takes.

It also acts as a pressure compensating regulator — It compensates for any pressure variations in the line thanks to a special O ring inside the regulator that expands and lets more water go through if pressure is low, or contract to let less water flow through if the water pressure is high. This ensures a consistently steady pressure in the shower for all shower on that line.

The benefits

Our patented shower flow controller is the only effective long-lasting solution when it comes to savings in the showers of multi-family dwellings!

By locking in the flow in the shower, water and hot water (natural gas) charges are at maximum efficiency.

In most buildings, there are pressure variations between floors — The first floor has high water pressure while the upper floors have low pressure. This is due to the fact that the water pressure loses its strength as it climbs to the upper floors. The Water Scrooge's shower controller fixes that thanks to its pressure compensating technology. It gives equal pressure on ALL floors making tenants happy!
The shower controller device also has auto-clean technology. This means that it won't get clogged behind the shower wall, so no maintenance is required.   


Why Choose The Water Scrooge?

The Water Scrooge™ shower flow controller offers:

       Easy installation

  • No construction or pipe cutting is involved. All you need to do is unscrew the water fixture to place the controller behind the wall and then screw the fixture back on. It's fast and easy — one can be done in under 3 minutes.


  • Even water pressure
    The water controller has water pressure compensating technology that makes sure all showers on all floors of the building have the same water pressure.

  • Out of sight - out of mind
    The Water Scrooge offers the ONLY effective solution to save water in showers. All the other products on the market are visible to the tenant's eye, and they will find a way to tamper with them.  The shower controller is completely hidden behind the shower wall, making it tamper-proof.

Take advantage of The Water Scrooge shower controller solution, and start saving money on your water bills.

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