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Atlantic Plaza

Owned and managed by Nelson Management.

Total savings of $279,201 on a total of 718 units

achieved in a two month project

Atlantic Plaza is located in 249 Thomas S. Boyland St. & 216 Rockaway Ave., Brooklyn, NY

Atlantic Plaza is located in 249 Thomas S. Boyland St. & 216 Rockaway Ave., Brooklyn, NY

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Solving the problem of rising water costs for the city within the city

Post Installation Savings

Total Annual Savings
Combined savings on Water and Hot Water costs
Annual Water Savings
annual savings on water & sewer bills due to reduction in water consumption
Annual Energy Savings
annual savings on energy bills due to reduction in hot water consumption
Annual Savings / Unit
average amount saved per apartment annually
7 months
Time to Positive ROI
amount of time it took for initial investment to be paid back
Reduction in Usage
percantage reduction in water usage from pre-installation levels


"The Water Scrooge staff was courteous, timely, professional and very easy to work with. Through their efforts, The Parkchester North Condominiums has been able to save over 30% on our water and hot water expenses. Water and energy prices have skyrocketed and this has enabled us to control this large expense. I highly recommend The Water Scrooge to all building owners and management companies who are interested in controlling their water and hot water expenses."
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    Kevin Rafferty
    General manager @ Nelson management Group