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Don't Pour WaterMoney Down the Drain

Save 65% or more on your water bill,
landing 25% or more reductions in HOT WATER charges

Are you ready?

Reduce your monthly water bill by 65%
with The Water Scrooge™ different water conservation ways


Savings with
our shower flow control and water conservation kits


Bill reduction with
leak detection & understanding your usage


Savings with
toilets leak prevention


Off your bill with
flow management SMART VALVE™

You can now brilliantly balance your savings...

You can pay less for the same water usage!

Follow the 3 steps of our water savings solution and start saving water money today!



The Water Scrooge™
Shower Flow Controller

The Water Scrooge™ patented shower flow controller, is a small device that gets attached to the shower fixture behind the shower wall without tampering in any way with the wall. (it genius, we know 😉).

The patented shower flow controller regulates the flow of water and hot water by decreasing the amount used with each shower you take.

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Water Scrooge - Tamper-Proof and Easily Installed 3


The Water Scrooge™
Leak Detection System

Our revolutionary, non-invasive smart sensor tracks your water consumption.

The Water Scrooge™ Leak Detection System attaches to your water pipes and through ultra-sonic rays, knows how much water you're using/wasting in real-time.

Our AI learns your usage patterns and shows you in real-time how much water you are using, how much it’s costing you, and ways to conserve and save!


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PowerX water pipes 1


The Toilet Scrooge™
Toilet Leak Prevention 

The Toilet Scrooge™ device controls water flow by allowing water to flow to the toilet only when a user is present.

This eliminates thousands of gallons that get wasted each month due to stuck open or leaky flappers, bad wax rings, broken or tangled chains on the lever, etc.  

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Toilet Scrooge Device 1


Water Flow Management

The SMART VALVE™ compresses air, eliminating its volume before it reaches the water meter—the meter no longer measures it!

The SMART VALVE™ is designed to be installed in an existing pipe joint on the USER side of the water meter. The valve is made in flanged and threaded configurations according to your system design.

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Do-It-Yourself Installation

All of The Water Scrooge™ water conservation products are easy to install.

That's right! All of our products are easily installed following easy DIY steps - without the need of a technician or installation professional.

Water scrooge easy to install products

Are you ready to reduce your water bill?

Take advantage of The Water Scrooge™ shower controller solution,
and start saving money on your water bills.

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Join hundreds of users
who have reduced their water bills with
The Water Scrooge™

The Water Scrooge has a service which reduces water consumption through special devices resulting in reduced water bills and energy savings due to the need to heat fewer gallons of water.
Mark Engel, President
Langsam Property Services Corp.
It’s a capital cost that lowers expenses thus increasing cash flow, and Net Operating Income. In my business, a higher NOI increases the value of my property….Thus far, the purchase of the valve has proven to be a very good return on the investment”
Zane Drake
Managing Member | The Villas of White Rock
The purchase of your valves has proven to be a very good return on investment... We look forward to installing another SMART VALVEin our new building!
Bob Pack
General Manager | Grand Central at Kennedy | Tampa, Florida

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Are you ready to reduce your water bill?

Take advantage of The Water Scrooge™ shower controller solution,
and start saving money on your water bills.

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