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Did you know...

You are not saving on water & energy bills, because:

You Don't Know,
What You Don't Know

Managing your water bills involves many aspects that you may not be aware of, or familiar with, including billing errors, broken meters, detecting leaks, conserving water, and how to educate tenants about water usage.

Water Management Involves Many Roles

In most cases, there is a dedicated role for different tasks, such as paying bills, implementing water technologies, and data/problem management.

People assign to fulfill each role typically have a lot on their plate to begin with, and/or do not fully understand their role in managing water.

A Market Filled
With Solutions

There are too many solutions in the open market claiming to solve and save in many ways.

Landlords are not sure which solution to invest in and incorporate or they got burned in the past by false promises of reducing their water bills.

Savings Are Hard
to Verify 

After deciding on implementing water conservation technologies, Verifying if you are saving water and money may be a complicated process as there are many ways to calculate these savings.

Therefore, landlords may easily miscalculate extra savings or no savings at all!

Fortunately, we have a solution!

1. Analyze and Inspect

The Water Scrooge™ will analyze each building for correct water usage.

We will assess the water usage and will compare it to the actual meters at each building to make sure that these are reading correctly.

Our Water Consultant will also verify that DEPs are charging according to the correct meter readings.


2. Verify Fixture Installation

Our team will also inspect random units at the property and will take note of which units have low flow fixtures, and which units need to be retrofitted to save water and hot water.

We will also ensure that the fixtures are installed in a fashion where tenants are not able to tamper with the devices.

Water scrooge easy to install products

3. Solve and Follow-Up

We will discover the most suitable solutions for each property based on our findings and will submit them to the landlord or management firm for approval.

After approvals, we'll take care of the water savings initiative and make sure everything goes as planned.

In addition, we will follow up on all data points and corrective recommendations to ensure that these continue to be met.


Are you ready to reduce your water bill?

Contact us to schedule a free consultation and get in touch with David, our Water Consulting expert!

Free Consultation 

We are committed to fulfill our goals to


To bring down water usage to an average of $500 per apartment per year.


To maintain at ALL TIME maximum efficiency and savings

Follow Up

Follow up on recommendations and corrections making sure the job was done every time!

Why do you need a
Water Management Consultant?

Having a professional consultant who understands the ins-and-outs of water management will help you make the right decisions and will guide you towards maximum efficiency and savings.


Other details you should know about our services?

Are you ready to reduce your water bill?

Contact us to schedule a free consultation and get in touch with David, our Water Consulting expert!

Free Consultation