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The Water Scrooge™ Offers

Guaranteed Savings!


How does this option work?

No Investments, Guaranteed Savings!

Our team will expertly install sensors and regulators in each and every apartment of your building.

Additionally, we will seamlessly integrate our innovative flow management device to ensure optimal water usage.

Best of all, we guarantee a remarkable 15% reduction in water bills without requiring any upfront investment from property owners.

Water Scrooge - Tamper-Proof and Easily Installed 2

What are the requirements?

Please provide us with your Water Company login or the last 12 months' actual water bills to determine if this option suits your property.

This will allow us to look over your current water usage closely and see if this solution fits the terms and conditions.

Water Scrooge - Compensates Pressure

Let's Look at an Example

If your current water and sewer expenses amount to $50,000 annually, with this option, you will only pay $42,500 per year. There will be no additional charges if your water bill exceeds $42,500 annually. 

If after our installations your water bill is lower than $42,500, you will be responsible for paying us the difference. This option has a duration of ten years, and upon completion, the contract will automatically renew unless cancelled by you. If you decide to cancel, you must return all of our equipment.

Start Saving!
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Start saving on your water bill now!

Please contact us today and send us your Water Company login or the last 12 months' actual water bills through our website for a comprehensive review of your current water usage.

Start Saving!