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The Water Scrooge™

Toilet Calibration


Do you know...

How much money you are flushing down the toilet?

There are 2 main reasons toilets are costing you more money on water bills than you can imagine:

Normal Wear and Tear

When you install a toilet in a unit, you add a few gallons of water to the toilet tank, where each gallon weighs 8.32 lbs.

Water corrosion causes the toilet tank to let more water flush into the bowl, causing a lot of water waste.

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Toilets Don't Flush as Advertised  

Many low-flush toilets have been retrofitted with parts that cause them to use more water than they were designed to handle.

Independent research has shown that the majority of these toilets use 2 gallons per flush or more — every time they are flushed.

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Fortunately, we have a solution!

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The Water Scrooge™ offers a toilet calibration service and measurement device


How does The Water Scrooge™ Flush Meter work? 

The Water Scrooge™ developed the world's first flush meter. It is a piece of machinery that digitally measures the exact flush rate of a toilet.

With this device, we can now know how much water a toilet flushes.

With this knowledge, we can calibrate toilets back to manufacturer's original specs, which will save an average of 0.5 gallons per flush!

Now, multiply this by 15 flushes per apartment per day, times 365 days a year, times the number of units in that buildings, and you understand the magnitude of how much water/money is been wasted.

Save Money on Water

Take advantage of The Water Scrooge™ Toilet Calibration service.

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What are the advantages of using The Water Scrooge?


No New Toilet Needed

With The Water Scrooge’s™ toilet inspection service, measuring flush volumes is accurate and there is nothing to connect or disconnect.

Once we calibrate toilets back to the manufacturer's original specs, you will save an average of 0.5 gallons per flush!


Monitoring Device

After the first calibration and when used with our wireless sensors for leak detection, our sensors will measure the flush flow, so you don't need to guess when the toilets are out of calibration.

The sensor will let you know when you need to perform the service again.


Toilet Inspection

We will accurately measure the gallons per flush in each of your toilets.

Then we will make all necessary adjustments to make sure that the toilet is flushing according to regulation.

Other details you should know about The Water Scrooge

Do you want this service in your building?

Take the next step.  Contact our team and let us audit your units to help you calibrate your toilets.  

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