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The Water Scrooge™ Offers

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How does this offer work?

No Investments, Guaranteed Savings!

Our team will expertly install toilet sensors and regulators in every apartment of your chosen building – free of charge.

If, after one billing cycle, our innovative products demonstrate savings of 25% or more on your monthly water bills, you will pay us for the building we did for free, and you will commit to expanding the installations to 10 additional apartments for each one initially equipped. 

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Let's Look at an Example

The current water and sewer expenses of one of your buildings with 50 apartments run at $1,000 per unit a year for water and sewer or 84$ per unit per month.

If, after our installations, the water and sewer bill for this building is lower than $63 per month per unit (savings of 25%), you will pay us $500 times 50 units.

You will then commit to purchasing our white glove installation service for 500 other apartments at a cost of $500 per apartment. (Why wouldn't you? You know its saving)

Click on Start Savings below to upload the current water bill for the property you would like to test us on.

We will then run a projected savings analysis for a comprehensive review of your water usage for that property making sure its a good candidate for savings on your water charges.

Start Saving!
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Start saving on your water bill now!

Please contact us today and send us your Water Company login or the last 12 months' actual water bills through our website for a comprehensive review of your current water usage.

Start Saving!