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The Water Scrooge™ Offers



How does this option work?

Say goodbye to lengthy contracts and hello to total savings!

Our products do not require modification to walls, pipes, or fixtures. 

Using our installation app, your maintenance crew can install it themselves quickly. You can plan and schedule your installations, track them in real-time, and get a verified pictures of the installed products confirmation for every unit installation.

Water Scrooge - Tamper-Proof and Easily Installed 2

How do you get started?

With The Water Scrooge App!

By purchasing our Water Scrooge™ + Toilet Scrooge™ Bundle, you will receive The Water Scrooge™ app at no additional cost.

This app will provide step-by-step guidance for the installations and allow building owners real-time control over their water-saving installations!

Water scrooge easy to install products

Start saving on your water bill now!

Purchase the Water Scrooge™ + Toilet Scrooge™ Bundle to get started.

Start Saving!