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The Water Scrooge™ Offers

50/50 Shared Savings


How does this option work?

Say hello to more savings!

Attention building owners! We have an incredible opportunity for you - let's join forces and split the cost and savings right down the middle!

In this groundbreaking agreement, you only need to pay a one-time upfront fee of $150 per unit for a full-bathroom apartment. We will put the other $150 per apartment ($300 is our hard cost), and we will split ALL the savings right down the middle!

Water Scrooge - Tamper-Proof and Easily Installed 2

What are the details?

We will install all of our products in every apartment in the building and split the savings 50/50 for seven years. After seven years, you keep all the equipment, and your obligation to share your savings stops!


How do you get started?

To get started, agree and sign the terms & conditions. After that, you will be directed to make payments on Shopify based on the number of units you specify.

With this contract type, we will compare your water bills after our installations to the previous year's water bills.

After calculating the savings, we will split that amount with the landlord.

Start Saving!
Water scrooge easy to install products

Start saving on your water bill now!

Complete the contract and easily make payments on Shopify according to the number of units you specified.

Start Saving!