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Water Savings Solution

The cost of water is skyrocketing, up over 300% over 15 years. Considering that wasted water usually accounts for over 50% of usage, the gallons going down the drain isn’t just high-quality H20 - it’s cash - a lot of cash!

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How We Save You Water Money

The Water Scrooge total solution saves an average of $500 per unit per year by cutting water wastage, installing wireless monitoring system to monitor the water risers in the building.

Reduce Water and Energy Bills By Up To 40%


Guaranteed Shower Savings

A single dripping faucet can waste over 27,000 gallons of water annually. In our research, tenants rarely report dripping fixtures.

United States regulations stipulate that water flow from showers must be limited to 2.5 gallons per minute. But the average water flow in showers is 60% more than the legal limit, flowing at a whopping 4 gallons per minute. That is a waste of 1.5 gallons per minute of water and hot water which can be account for $405 per shower per year!

65% of water usage is hot water, making up nearly 20% of energy bills, that’s a lot of money literally pouring down the drain.

The Water Scrooge reduces water waste by controlling the flow of water to an intentional gallons-per-minute flow rate. And, the savings are locked in by completely tamper-proof fixtures that sit behind the shower wall.

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Stop Flushing Money

Toilets are terribly expensive to landlords. A toilet can leak in the tank for years without anyone noticing. Since there is no water damage from a running toilet, most tenants choose to ignore it rather than report it. And that’s costly!

A single toilet with a significant leak can tack on an extra $10,000 to an annual water bill. Even small to medium leaks add $1,200 or more in waste per toilet.

Toilets are often advertised at a reduced flush rate, for example 1.6 gallons per flush. But, that’s a toilet working at peak performance, and over time, they use more and more water per flush, for a landlord with a hundred units or more, flushing alone can increase the water bill by tens of thousands of dollars.

The Water Scrooge has the only solution in the open market for over flowing toilets: a toilet calibration service and an automated 24/7 toilet leak monitoring solution.

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Detect & Correct Costly Water Leaks

Over thousands of building installations, we've realized that buildings with optimal showers and properly flushing and leak monitored toilets can still waste significant amounts of water. The problem is that numerous small to medium leaks can still occur and waste tens of thousands of dollars per year.

To solve this problem we've tested marketed installing wireless monitoring system to monitor the water risers in the building. 
It's a substantial success. We're able to detect new and existing leaks automatically, identify the source of the leaks quickly and solve them efficiently. 

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Leak Detection & Monitoring Solution

Leaks are extremely costly, and that’s not limited to the cubic meters of water you have to pay for. An undetected leak can destroy infrastructure and cause hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage. The problem is that the pipes are hidden in the wall, and finding a leaking pipe can be nearly impossible until it’s too late.

Locate My Leaks

It’s never been easier to
save big on water usage and hot water expenses!

With our shared savings program,
we’ll invest in your property without investment from you,
and you’ll enjoy guaranteed savings!

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The Water Scrooge offers a leak detection and monitoring solution that wirelessly
monitors water flow to proactively detect and locate leaks.