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Don't Pour Water Down the Drain

Save 35% or more on water usage, landing  35%  or more reductions in water &  HOT WATER charges

We are delighted to see an average of 45% reduction in water usage. We also see a reduction in hot water production from our boilers, thereby reducing our natural gas bill

Kevin A. Rafferty, GM of Atlantic Towers Assoc 718 multi-dwelling apartments, Nelson management

The Water Scrooge has a service which reduces water consumption through special devices resulting in reduced water bills and energy savings due to the need to heat fewer gallons of water.

Mark Engel, President, Langsam Property Services Corp.

The Water Scrooge staff was courteous, timely, professional and very easy to work with. Through their efforts, The 275 South Street North Condominiums has been able to save over 30% on our water and hot water expenses.

David Dasilva, GM of 275 South Street North Condominiums, Nelson Management
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It’s never been easier to
save big on water usage and hot water expenses!

With our shared savings program,
we’ll invest in your property without investment from you,
and you’ll enjoy guaranteed savings!

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save money on water

Stop Letting Leaks & Waste Destroy Profits

The Water Scrooge is a leading solution because of being truly tamper-proof. Tenants love the scrooge and our masked installation couldn't be simpler. 

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