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Top 3 Benefits Of Water Consulting Services

Top 3 Benefits Of Water Consulting Services

It is evident that landlords do not have the time to be involved with each of their individual units in order to identify problems in a timely manner.

Leaky toilets, for example, may go unaddressed when there are no experts on-site and technicians that don't know what they're doing, as well as tenants who do not report concerns.

So who can help address these unidentified water problems?

Water Consultants are expert specialists in determining and controlling multi-tenant building water use. These professionals can assist you in reducing your facility's water cost by helping you conserve money on utilities.

For example, The Water Scrooge™ Water Consultant can save a landlord or management company up to 40% on their water bill!

A facility of 1,000 units may have a yearly water bill of up to $1M - that's up to $400,000 in water savings!

Here are the benefits of water consulting services.

  1. Discover Root Causes Of Problems
  2. Verify Water Systems Installation
  3. Solve Problems and Follow-Up

1. Discover Root Causes Of Problems

In order to get down to the root of the problem, Water Consultants will start by assessing your water bill, plus any and all water products that already exist within the building to ensure these are working properly.

Next, Water Consultants will assess the water usage and will compare it to the actual meters at each building to make sure that these are reading correctly. In addition, Water Consultants will verify that DEPs are charging according to the correct meter readings.

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2. Verify Water Systems Installation

Water Consultants will also make sure to inspect unit properties and take note of which units have low flow fixtures, as well as which units need to be retrofitted with devices that enable water savings.

In addition, Water Consultants will identify any fixtures that are installed in a fashion where tenants are able to tamper with the devices.

3. Solve Problems and Follow-Up

Water Consultants will conduct an in-depth study and recommend the best solutions for the specific properties (taking into account their assessment findings) after which present them to the landlord or management company for approval.

After getting approval from the landlord or management company, Water Consultants will manage the water savings project throughout the project's lifetime. This includes help with installation to ensure products are installed correctly, making sure that the water solutions have not been tampered with, and that they are working properly.

In addition, Water Consultants will follow up on all data points and corrective recommendations on a daily basis to ensure that these standards continue to be met.

Speak With An Experienced Water Consultant

Having a professional Water Consultant who understands the ins and outs of water management will help you make the right decisions and will guide you towards maximum efficiency and savings.

Ask us about our Water Scrooge™ Water Consultant services!

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