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Eliminate Water Meter Inaccuracies with Smart Valve™

Eliminate Water Meter Inaccuracies with Smart Valve™

Why is there inaccuracy in your water meter

It's simply a matter of the physics of delivering water. There are a few things to understand about this.

Our municipal water systems are pressurized. The most important thing to keep in mind about this is that water moves from high to low pressure in a pressurized system.

The city pumps provide the system pressure. By opening a valve or a faucet, we cause a pressure drop where we want the water delivered.

Pressure drops, air volume expands, and water flows.

The second important fact (which you will remember from high school physics) is that we can compress gasses, but we cannot compress liquids. Because air is entrained in pressurized water systems, the volume of air increases whenever and wherever the system pressure drops. And that is everywhere in your property’s water pipes, up to the city main.

The best visual of this is a soda bottle. 

We know there are both liquids and gases in the soda bottle. But as long as the bottle is pressurized by the bottle cap, the gas has very little volume.

When we remove the cap (and let the pressure drop) the gases suddenly explode in volume and your water meter would measure the bubbles as soda.  This is exactly what is happening in your pipes every time you demand water. 

When we want water out of our faucet, we open it, this drops the system pressure at the faucet and allows water to flow.

Pressure drops, air volume expands, and water flows.

Water meters measure by volume

The third important fact is that over 99% of water meters measure by volume. It doesn't matter if the volume is all water, all air or a mix of both. The water meter will measure it and the water company bills you accordingly.

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How to Eliminate Water Meter Inaccuracies?

How does the SMART VALVE™ correct these water meter inaccuracies? When we install the SMART VALVE™ between the usage point and the water meter, the valve stops the pressure drop from traveling any further upstream.

In effect, we have moved your water meter into the city main pressure zone where the pressure barely drops. As a result, your water meter measures only the water volume and no excess air. And using the same amount of water, your meter spends less.

The SMART VALVE™ is the only externally adjustable valve able to calibrate to your system while it is running. Once it has been installed, you are able to achieve the perfect setting for your property every single time without needing to shut off the water or remove the valve. Landlords are raving about water conservation technology. See here for more ways technology is changing industries big and small.

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Will the SMART VALVE™ affect my water pressure?

Pressure drops will happen anytime you put anything into your water line, including your water meter.

If you have no difficulties or complaints with low water pressure currently, your property is a good candidate for the Smart Valve.

Why is using an externally adjustable valve better?

Because real-world situations are unpredictable, setting up a non-adjustable valve properly before installation is, at best, just a guess.

Finally, other uncontrollable conditions might render the initial calibration obsolete. With an externally adjustable valve, you calibrate the system after the installation is complete, achieving the perfect calibration for maximum savings with no negative effects.

How difficult / expensive is it to install the SMART VALVE™?

The valve is intended to be inserted into standard pipe sizes and can be simply put in by a qualified plumber.

The price will differ depending on the valve size, local plumber costs, and system design. For example, a 2” SMART VALVE typically takes 45-60 minutes to install.

How much money will I save?

The SMART VALVE™ starts working immediately after it is installed, 24/7, 365 days a year.

Most of our customers report savings between 15 and 25%, with a few seeing much higher savings. The amount of money you will save is based on a variety of criteria, including:

    • City pressure (PSI) & pressure fluctuation
    • Flow rate & flow capacity (GPM)
    • The amount of air in the line
    • The amount of non-volumetric water consumption

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Water Savings Solutions

Whether you're looking to save money or to protect the life of your water fixtures, or to prevent leaky toilets, you can conserve water without making major renovations to your system with Water Scrooge™'s innovative and non-invasive technology!

Learn more about how much water money you can save with our water savings solutions and our Water Consulting services.

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About The Water Scrooge™

The Water Scrooge™ offers water conservation ways and products to multifamily landlords and homeowners, including: shower flow controllers, Leak Detection Systems, Toilet Leak Prevention Devices (The Toilet Scrooge™), water flow management devices (SMART Valve™), toilet calibration and DIY products.

Also featuring The Water Scrooge™ App. Our app empowers your team to carry out the installation of our kits. With it, you can also record and track data points about the units (other than water usage).