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A Toilet Valve That Will Fix 80% of Your Leaks

A Toilet Valve That Will Fix 80% of Your Leaks

As a landlord, getting an unusually high bill could mean a few things...

  • It's a mistake (which it unfortunately never is).

  • Someone is spending way too much time in the shower.

  • And that there's no way you want to pay for this - as if that ever works out.

  • It's a leak, for sure!

Eventually, after sending someone over to investigate the "why" behind your utility bill mishaps, they rarely bring your attention to the unassuming toilet.

(Okay, so a few extra hundred bucks this one month – not a big deal. At least you were able to fix the problem. Right?)

If you're one of the landlords who already know how big of a loss that toilet leaks have on your profits, you've undoubtedly already tried to tackle this problem before.

Savings Toilet Scrooge

New Leaks Are Always Occurring

It's nearly impossible to find and fix all of your leaks manually. The money you would be spending on having your maintenance staff inspect all of your toilets on a weekly basis wouldn't even make sense. Sure you might find 10 leaking toilets on your property this month and find the fix, but what about the 20 different toilets that will be leaking the next?

Unfortunately, we just can't predict which toilets will begin leaking next during routine inspections and even if you do, it's like a running chicken without a head.

Tenants Seldom Report Leaks

More often than not, your tenants have no idea that leaks exist. Your average renter probably doesn't know a thing about toilets - 

Is that a normal sound?

Do leaks always make noise?

What should the inside of the tank look like?

It was leaking, but then it stopped...

Water Conservation Ways: Prevent and Fix Leaky Toilets

What Does a Toilet Leak Cost a Landlord?

It is estimated that 1 in 5 toilets has a leak at any given time.

As of 2021, New York City charges $10.83 per 100 cubic feet (or 748 gallons) of water.

Here's how we calculate the number of toilets in your building and determine how many suspects are in your possession.

If your property supports 500 toilets, chances are there are about 100 toilets that are experiencing some sort of leak. You can average that between leaks and usage, you're using about

25,000 gallons of water per day.

750,000 gallons of water per month.

9 million gallons of water per year.

A couple of hundred extra bucks that one month, just turned into a loss of $130,307 that year.

What's the scariest part? Fixing the leaks is usually as simple as replacing a worn toilet flapper...

I know you're thinking, "Water Scrooge™, what do I do?!"

Your solution: The Toilet Scrooge™.

Toilet Leak Prevention Device

No more fixing, just start preventing.

The Toilet Scrooge™ toilet leak prevention device controls water flow by allowing water to flow to the toilet only when a user is present.

This toilet leak prevention device will fix 80% of your leaks because 80% of the leaks inside the units come from toilets!

Your water bill will drop dramatically by installing the valves.


Motion Sensor Technology

The Toilet Scrooge™ leak prevention device uses a motion sensor that activates when a user is present. When the sensor is activated, the valve opens for a few minutes to allow water to flow to the toilet. After the user leaves, the valve closes, preventing any water from flowing to the toilet.

No water = no continuous leak!

Powered By Water

No battery maintenance. Ever.

The Toilet Scrooge™ leak prevention device uses a miniature water wheel, harvesting energy to keep it powered. Every time you flush the toilet, it recharges the battery.

See here for our Toilet Scrooge FAQ!

The Toilet Scrooge™ Savings

Many factors can contribute to how much money you will save on your water bills: building size, occupancy size, water pressure, and individual tenant habits. However, most of our clients earn back their investment within the first year.

As previously mentioned, an estimated 1 in 5 toilets has a leak at any given time. Calculate the number of toilets in your building, determine how many leaking toilets you may have (if you want to be conservative, cut that number in half), and then multiply that number over the next 5-10 years (yikes!).

Are you ready to reduce your water bill?

Contact The Water Scrooge™ today and start saving you water money.

View our latest Toilet Scrooge Case Study or ask about our Water Consulting services!

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