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The Best Solution for Leaky Toilets - The Toilet Scrooge™

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Unlike leak detection solutions in the market, The Toilet Scrooge™ prevents leaks instead of just detecting them - making it a better solution for leaky toilets.

An Intelligent Water Valve

The Toilet Scrooge™ toilet leak prevention device controls water flow by allowing water to flow to the toilet only when a user is present. After the user leaves, the valve closes, preventing water from flowing to the toilet.

Using Motion Sensor Technology

The Toilet Scrooge™ leak prevention device uses a motion sensor that activates when a user is present. When the sensor is activated, the valve opens to allow water to flow to the toilet.

After the user leaves, the valve closes, preventing any water from flowing to the toilet.

Essentially, no water equals no continuous leak!

A Device That Recharges Itself

The Toilet Scrooge™ leak prevention device uses a miniature water wheel, harvesting energy to keep it powered.

The battery recharges itself every time you flush the toilet, meaning that you never have to worry about battery maintenance.

Toilet Scrooge ValveToilet Scrooge Sensor

Return On Investment

The U.S. wastes over 1 TRILLION gallons of water per year. A few studies suggest that multifamily water usage averages up to 150 gallons per day, not including laundry, swimming pools and irrigation needs.

A leaking toilet alone can waste about 200 gallons every day. On average, 1 in 5 toilets leak and due to sediment buildup, material degradation, leaks are bound to occur during the lifetime of a toilet.

The Toilet Scrooge™ eliminates continuous leaking, saving water, and your facility money. These savings grow the longer you have Valves installed in your facility.

Download The Toilet Scrooge™ Spec Sheet

Download the Toilet Scrooge™ spec sheet for more information on our intelligent water valve!

Have any questions?

Contact The Water Scrooge™ today and start saving you water money.

Toilet Scrooge Spec Sheet | Water Scrooge

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