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Case Study - Overnight Savings with the Toilet Scrooge™

Case Study - Overnight Savings with the Toilet Scrooge™

The Toilet Scrooge™ toilet leak prevention device can be installed under any tank toilet using hose lines or hard-line solutions. This means that the Toilet Scrooge™ is right for anyone looking to prevent leaks, save water, and save money!

Check out our most recent Case Study on a successful installation of the Toilet Scrooge™ and how it contributed to overnight savings to this building.


The Toilet Scrooge™ toilet leak prevention device uses a motion sensor to control water flow. The motion sensor activates when a user is present, activating the valve to open and allowing water to flow to the toilet. After a user leaves, the valve closes, preventing any water from continuing to flow to the toilet. No water flow = No continuous toilet leak (Genius, we know)

In addition to using motion sensor technology to control water flow, the device was designed to keep itself powered without ever needing to change batteries. The Toilet Scrooge™ leak prevention device uses a miniature water wheel, harvesting energy to keep it powered, recharging itself every time the toilet is flushed.


In this scenario, the Toilet Scrooge valves were used to regulate water flow to toilets that required fill valve repairs or leaky flappers.

The valve, by default, remains in the closed position. Any motion will activate the sensor to open the valve and thus allow water to flow to the toilet.

The concept is to prevent toilets that require repair from constantly calling for water. The Valve will only stay open for a maximum of 8 mins and then shut itself off, limiting the constant water flow.

In the initial trial, we put the toilet leak prevention devices on two specific cold water riser lines with ultrasonic sensors affixed to the CW Branch line serving bathrooms in order to detect high water usage in various lines serving the different apartments.


We installed 1/2 of the lines (i.e., Floors 8 to 17 of the building) with the Toilet Scrooge™ valves at the CW lines, where the leak detection system showed higher water usage compared to other lines in the building.


The overnight loss rate previously recorded (shown below) was drastically eliminated due to regulating the flow of water to the poorly performing toilets.

These results, as shown on a single line below, only reflect installing sensors on floors 8-17 and do not include benefits that can be realized from floors 1-7.

We are very excited about the early prospects of this technology and the drastic impact it has had on water loss.

This example showed that approximately 25% of 33 toilets had fill valve issues and needed repair. After installing the toilet leak prevention device, no repairs were needed to be completed, solely from the valve limiting the flow of water to the toilet.

The graph below illustrates the overnight impact from when the project was completed midday (1 pm) on Jan 15th, 2022.



Toilet Scrooge™ Savings Solutions

Unlike leak detection solutions in the market, The Toilet Scrooge™ prevents leaks instead of just detecting them - making it an all-around, better solution for leaky toilets!

Our Toilet Scrooge™ customers save about 15% on their water bills!

Learn more about how much money you can save with the Toilet Scrooge™.

Learn more about how much money you can save with the Toilet Scrooge

About The Water Scrooge™

The Water Scrooge™ offers water conservation ways and products to multi-family landlords and homeowners, including: shower flow controllers, Leak Detection Systems, Toilet Leak Prevention Devices (The Toilet Scrooge™), water flow management devices (SMART Valve™), toilet calibration and DIY products.

Also featuring The Water Scrooge™ App. Our app empowers your team to carry out the installation of our kits. With it, you can also record and track data points about the units (other than water usage).