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Get your discount on insurance premiums!

Find out how a smart leak detection system can help.

In large buildings, high-volume leaks can cost an extra $10 million annually in property damages. you could save thousands of dollars a year on insurance! Early leak detection can guarantee you lower insurance premiums.


Benefits to early leak detection:

1. Preventing property damage

Most leaks start off small and gradually grow and cause increasingly more damage with time. They are also unpredictable and can become an issue even if you perform regular maintenance checks. Plus, many tenants will not report leaks unless they have a significant impact on their living conditions, which could lead to detrimental damage.


2. Insurance savings  

After installing wireless leak detection sensors, your insurance company will give you a discount on your premium. Not only will you receive a discount on your insurance premium from the beginning, but you will also ensure that your premiums stay low into the future. 

We have the early leak detection solution for you!

The Water Scrooge offers wireless leak detection sensors to help you get the lowest insurance premium possible:




How it works

1. The wireless early leak detection sensors are attached to your building's water risers by clipping the sensor onto the pipe — it's that simple. This will give you a holistic view of your entire property's water fixtures.  No cutting or complicated plumbing required.

2. Notify your insurance brokerage to update the underwriter about the early leak detection/flood prevention system.
3. Get a discount on your insurance premiums!

The benefits

You will be notified immediately when there is a leak in your building, instead of having to wait for your regular maintenance checks or worse — for property damage to make it obvious. With the wireless early leak detection sensors, you will be equipped to fix leaks before there is significant damage to your properties.   

How can you save money?

By having an early leak detection system in place, your insurance company will reward you with a discount on your insurance premiums from the very beginning. Flood insurance is expensive, and this type of discount can save you big bucks.

Take advantage of The Water Scrooge early leak detection wireless sensor, and start saving money.


Why wait?


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