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About The Water Scrooge

We love saving water almost as much as we love saving money. We love it even more when The Water Scrooge saves you big money! Just ask our clients who are averaging $500 in savings per unit every year on their water and hot water bills!

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We provide you excellent pricing on our products, custom-tailored to the needs of your properties.

Our kits are available exclusively on our website, which allows you to buy only what you need, not what retail packaging forces you to buy. Our kits are pre-packaged in the most popular combinations based on unit size, but we are more than happy to customize packages based on your property specs and project goals. Whatever your needs are, we got you covered! You wouldn't be a Scrooge if you paid for extra stuff you didn't need.

Save Money on Water

Who is the Scrooge?

We're a crack shot team of water conservation experts based just outside of Manhattan in Lynbrook, NY. We love saving you money! We currently hold multiple patents on our products and process and have more patents pending. 

Savings Made Simple

Our products are available internationally, and our white glove installation service is available in select markets nationwide. To see if our installation service is available near you, get answers to your questions or get a custom quote, Schedule a Meeting or Contact Us.



The Ultimate Water Savings Guide

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 takes the guess work out of the mystery shrouding your property's water usage. Get the data you need to finally get in control of your property's water usage.