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How much are you spending on water?

On average, water wastage causes an increase in usage
of about 30-70%.

Tenants that don't pay for water typically have little motivation to save water.

Increasing water usage, water leaks, broken fixtures, tenant tampering and improper maintenance all contribute to water waste.

How much water are you wasting?

Every single time a tenant flushes the toilet, washes their hands, cleans the dishes, or takes a nice, long shower, you are spending more money on water than you should.


65% of water use is hot water

In places where winter is cold, On Average, 65% of water use is hot water, which makes up nearly 30% of your total energy spend.

Every gallon wasted in your unit costs you money and depending on how your water is heated, it could cost more to heat the water than the water itself.


$463 a year is wasted per shower

The United States government regulations stipulate that water flow from showers must be limited to 2.5 gallons per minute.

However, the average water flow in showers is 4 gallons per minute - 60% more than permitted by law.


27,000 gallons of water is wasted per leak

A single faucet, dripping once per second, wastes 27,000 gallons of water every year.

How often do your tenants report drips?

Chances are, unless your building was built yesterday,
you're wasting a lot of water.

How It Works

The Water Scrooge™ is tamper-proof savings.


You can't cut corners to be a Scrooge!

Landlords love The Water Scrooge™ system, with its masked installation, because it is completely tamper-proof.

Our products are self-cleaning. pressure compensating, and maintenance-free.

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