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Water is the biggest expense for landlords

But it doesn’t have to be....

85% of properties lose 35% of water due to leaks that could have easily been prevented.


Landlords face one main challenge when it comes to water leaks:

Leaks are always occurring.

Even the most hands-on, vigilant landlords can experience multiple leaks a month. This is just the nature of plumbing. Even sending someone to inspect every water fixture in the building would be useless, since leaks are spontaneous and impossible to predict.


Fortunately, we have a solution!

The Water Scrooge offers a 24/7 wireless leak detection and monitoring system:




How it works
The Water Scrooge was designed specifically for landlords of multifamily buildings. All you need to do is attach leak detector sensors to the building’s water risers, and you’ll get a bird’s eye view of all the water fixtures in your building.

The benefits
Instead of passively waiting for leaks to happen, the Water Scrooge proactively identifies problems so that you can fix them before wasting tons of water and experiencing damage to your properties. Not only will you save water, but you'll also prevent property damage that would have resulted in excessive and unnecessary money and time expenditures.   

Your potential cost savings
Your total savings will depend on several factors, such as the size of your building, occupancy, water pressure, and of course, the individual habits of each tenant. You will also save money on insurance costs by preventing leaks. Most clients earn their investment back within the first year of installation. 


Why Choose The Water Scrooge?

Sure, there are other companies that promise to save you money on water, but the Water Scrooge is a cut above them. The Water Scrooge offers:


  • Non-invasive installation
    No screwing, welding, or pipe cutting. All you need to do is clip the water leak sensors to the risers.


  • A system that works for all water fixtures
    The Water Scrooge water leak detectors fit on 0.25” hoses- 6” pipes, which includes all water fixtures inside and outside the apartments. 
  • Advanced leak detection
    We are there detecting the small to medium leaks which will save you money on your water bill as well as for the HUGE leaks which will save you on damages and insurance claims!
    The water leak detector sensors can pick up flow as little as 0.2 ounces, whereas competitors’ products only detect a flow of 0.25 gallons or more.


  • Utility company connection
    The Water Scrooge connects to the utility company so it can see water usage data and calculate water stats.
  • Water Usage Dashboard
    Easily monitor, track, and analyze the water usage in your entire real estate portfolio


  • Save money on insurance premiums
    By preventing leaks, you are protecting your properties from damage and thus you will file fewer insurance claims. 


Having all of these water-related services centralized together is essential for comprehensive management of your water expense:

client goals


  • Leak Detection 
  • Utility Company Integration


  • In-Depth Analysis
  • Automated Meter Reading Notifications