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Katz Realty Group

84 Units in Flushing, NY Saving $520 per unit per year with positive ROI in 4.5 months.

Katz Realty Saving Stats:

  • 84 Unit Building
  • $43,710 Annual Savings
  • $28,578 Annual Water Savings
  • $15,132 Annual Energy Savings
  • $520 Saved Per Unit Per Year
  • 4.5 Months to Positive ROI
  • 37% Reduction in Water Usage


Katz Realty Group Letter:

"I wanted to take a moment to thank the entire crew for a job well done in our properites.

Thanks to you efforts identifying water leaks and installing water savings devices in bath and kitchen fixtures, we have been able to successfully reduce our water usage and energy costs without affecting water pressure.

As fuel prices and water and sewer rates have steadily increased each year... you've given us a way to run our properties more efficiently. I sincerely appreciate that you took the time to evaluate our monthly bills and determine how our properties can benefit from your services.

Thanks again for your personal attention and dedication to our account."

 - Ronald E. Katz
Managing Agent / Partner


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