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Parkchester Condominiums

12,702 Units in NYC Saving $259.54 per unit per year with positive ROI in 8 months.

Parkchester Condominiums Saving Stats:

  • 12,702 Units
  • $3,296,647.64 Total Annual Savings
  • $2,390,735.65 in Annual Water Savings
  • $905,911.99 in Annual Energy Savings
  • $259.54 Saved Per Unit Per Year
  • 8 Months to Positive ROI
  • 28% Reduction in Water Usage


Parkchester Condominiums Letter:

"The Water Scrooge staff was courteous, timely, professional and very easy to work with.

Through their efforts, The Parkchester North Condominiums has been able to save over 30% on our water and hot water expenses.

Water and energy prices have skyrocketed and this has enabled us to control this large expense.

I highly recommend The Water Scrooge to all building owners and management companies who are interested in controlling their water and hot water expenses."

 - Charles Tucci
General Manager


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