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Parkchester Condominiums

12,702 Units in NYC Saving $259.54 per unit per year with positive ROI in 8 months.

One of the largest residential developments in the US

with over 170 multi-story buildings


Project completed in under 9 months

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Parkchester is a completely self-contained community within the city.

Originally introduced at the 1939 World's Fair and completed in 1941, located in the Bronx, NY, Parkchester’s 129 landscaped acres contain tall shade trees, lawns, flowerbeds, fountains and playgrounds. The complex has more than 100 retail outlets including Macy's, Applebee’s, Starbucks, it's own medical and dental offices, most major banks and much more.

Solving the problem of rising water costs for the city within the city

A large residential development like Parkchester faces unique challenges when trying to reduce costs while keeping their property operations running smoothly. Every problem and every cost is amplified on a large scale. Parkchester condominiums were concerned with their constantly increasing water and hot water usage and the rising cost of water and energy in New York City. They needed a solution that would work on a community wide scale and they needed someone that would be able to implement that solution seamlessly. The management team at Parkchester turned to The Water Scrooge because of their industry leading, proprietary solutions and their track record reducing water and hot water related costs in large multi-family properties in the New York City area.

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The Water Scrooge team needed to identify the cause of the rising water usage at Parkchester so they can provide the right solution, and they had to do it for more then 170 buildings. They started by analyzing the water usage for the entire Parkchester development, building by building. After extensive research, The Water Scrooge was able to propose a solution. The Water Scrooge implemented their solution in phases in order to test their assumptions about the causes of the community wide water problem. After succesfull deployment in the first group of buildings, they scaled up to the rest of the locations. The Water Scrooge was able to identify the root causes of the high water usage, and and confirm the reduction in water usage at each building throughout the project.

client goals

Client Goals

Control and Reduce Water Costs
  • Provide proffesional service
  • Save clients hundreds in water costs
  • Reduce water and energy waste
  • Respond to any concerns regarding our products


Deploy Multi-Family Solution
  • Provide proffesional service
  • Save clients hundreds in water costs
  • Reduce water and energy waste
  • Respond to any concerns regarding our products

Post Installation Savings

Total Annual Savings
Combined savings on Water and Hot Water costs
Annual Water Savings
annual savings on water & sewer bills due to reduction in water consumption
Annual Energy Savings
annual savings on energy bills due to reduction in hot water consumption
Annual Savings / Unit
average amount saved per apartment annually
8 months
Time to Positive ROI
amount of time it took for initial investment to be paid back
Reduction in Usage
percantage reduction in water usage from pre-installation levels


"The Water Scrooge staff was courteous, timely, professional and very easy to work with. Through their efforts, The Parkchester North Condominiums has been able to save over 30% on our water and hot water expenses. Water and energy prices have skyrocketed and this has enabled us to control this large expense. I highly recommend The Water Scrooge to all building owners and management companies who are interested in controlling their water and hot water expenses."