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Top 10 Must-Have Water Conservation Products for Your Home

Top 10 Must-Have Water Conservation Products for Your Home

No matter where in the US you live, water drought is a concern. It's always a lingering issue in California, but now also in the lower 48 states. So necessary water restrictions are enforced to save water both state-wide and in each home. Don't leave the crucial work of drought prevention solely to your tenants. Here are ten must-have water conservation products for your properties to make the job of water conservation effortless and effective.  

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Top 10 Must-Have Water Conservation Products

Water conservation work is best accomplished by products you can put in place and forget about - except for routine maintenance. If you or your tenants must remember every time, or if it takes too much effort to implement conservation measures, they may not always get done. But fortunately, today's manufacturers are making it easy to meet strict water consumption standards with innovation that makes it effortless. 

1. Low-Flow Shower Heads

We don't just shower for cleanliness; we also shower for comfort and relaxation. This is why the average shower can last for 8 minutes and use a whopping 20 gallons of water! A low-flow shower head can help without robbing tenants of a great shower. It may effectively conserve water by either aerating the water or regulating the actual flow of water. Low-flow shower heads can save up to 50% of water while still providing a wonderful shower experience.

2. Shower Flow Controller

While low-flow shower heads are a great solution, they're only as good as they're utilized. Due to an often significant loss of water pressure, your tenants may tamper with the shower head, rendering your conservation measures useless. So, consider a tamper-proof shower flow controller. This little device is attached to the shower fixture behind the wall and regulates the water flow and the hot water used for each shower.  

Water Scrooge - Tamper-Proof and Easily Installed 3

3. High-Efficiency or Low-Flow Toilets

The toilet is another place where high water consumption is a problem for your properties. Frequent flushing can make the toilet the highest consumer of water in the entire home. Both low-flow and high-efficiency toilets aim at reducing the amount of water used in each flush. Still, a high-efficiency toilet may also incorporate other mechanisms to make the workings of the toilet more efficient overall.  

4. Fill Cycle Diverter

If replacing all of the toilets in your buildings isn't a financial or practical option, consider installing fill cycle diverters. These devices direct more water to the toilet tank when it refills after a flush while letting less water into the bowl. This can save you ½ to 1 ½ gallons of water each flush.  

Top 10 Must-Have Water Conservation Products for Your Home


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Are you a landlord looking for ways to conserve water? Our water flow controls and water restrictors can save you more than 65% or more on your water bill. Visit The Water Scrooge today! 

5. Toilet Leak Prevention Valve

Although toilet flushing is a major consumer of water, leaks are the next big worry. One small leak can have you overpaying by thousands every month! Here are two things to know:

  • A new leak can happen at any time.
  • Your tenant is unlikely to report the leak to you.

A toilet leak prevention device controls the water flow, allowing water to flow into the toilet only when it is in use. This device is powered by water and uses motion detection to accomplish this vital task. After the toilet is no longer in use, the valve closes and doesn't allow any more water into the toilet. No more leaks!  

6. Smart Sprinkler System

A smart sprinkler system will control your lawn watering schedule, so you don't have to worry about the amount of water being used or the frequency of use. You or your tenants may control and monitor the system via your smartphone, computer, or directly on the device. This smart system can be adjusted to real-time local weather conditions and for site conditions like slope, sun or shade, soil type, etc. You can maintain a healthy lawn without water wastage or excessive effort.  

7. High-Efficiency Washing Machine

Laundry washing uses a great deal of water, even if your tenants only wash occasionally. If you don't aim to conserve water in this area, your other efforts will only be marginally effective. Most washers have an Eco setting, but a high-efficiency (HE) washing machine will use several measures to reduce overall water consumption in the washing process:

  • They use less water
  • High spin cycles
  • They use sensors to adjust to laundry loads
  • They use different washing systems for all-around efficiency

8. High-Efficiency Dishwasher

While a dishwasher might seem like a luxury, they actually save more energy and water than washing dishes by hand. Consider providing your tenants with a high-efficiency dishwasher that not only saves water but also saves energy. Your tenants should still use the Eco setting, only use the dishwasher when it's full, and make sure it's properly loaded. These tips will ensure that your tenants meet the strict water consumption standards.      

9. Flow Management Device

Did you know you might be paying for more than water each month? In addition to water, air also passes through your tenants' water meters. Most water meters use a method called Positive Displacement which doesn't distinguish between air and water. You pay for both! But our Water Scrooge Valve compresses the air before it reaches the water meter, so you'll only pay for water and no more air. This device can reduce your water bill by 15 - 20%.        

10. Downspout Rainwater Collection Device

Another way to conserve water is to save rainwater for use in various ways. A downspout diverter can funnel rainwater into a storage tank or rain barrel, and your tenants can use it for watering their houseplants, the outdoor garden, or even for washing their car. 

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Water Conservation Can Be Easy

Hopefully, you will find these water conservation products useful. Implementing all or just a few of these will significantly lessen your water bill and aid in drought prevention for your state. 

Are you ready to significantly reduce your water bill? We’re all about water conservation for landlords. Check out The Water Scrooge for more information.