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The "Proof" Kit: Free! 

We'll send you our patented, tamper-proof shower flow controller and a measurement kit to see the savings.

Get the Free Proof Kit


The Water Scrooge saves multi-family building owners thousands per year through lower water usage plus lower energy costs to heat hot water.

Want to see proof of savings before you install the full building? 
Order our proof kit and see the savings for yourself.


Free + Shipping ($9.95), we include :

  • One 2 GPM Tamper-Proof Shower Flow Controller
  • One Set of measurement tools for measuring water use before/after installation.
  • Easy to follow instructions for a 3 minute installation.

Installed behind the wall without breaking or tampering with the wall in any way, our flow controller is out of sight, out of mind, and out of reach for even determined tenants.

Yeah, it IS this easy to start saving money!

Order our "Proof" Kit: Free