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Don't Pour Water Down the Drain

Save up to 40% on water usage, landing up to 40% reductions in water AND utility bills

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Tenants who don't pay for water have little motivation to conserve water. Increasing water usage, as well as leaks, broken fixtures, improper maintenance, and tenant tampering all contribute to wastage of water.

Cut Your Water Bill
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    Water is the Most Consumed Resource

    Multi-family buildings consume 30-54 gallons of water per day, per person on average.

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    Water Costs Have Risen 200% in the Last 15 years

    Usage is continuing to rise as well, compounding the problem of high water bills.

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    65% of a Tenants Water Usage is Hot water

    Excess water usage leads to excess energy usage on oil, gas, and electricity to heat water.

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Cut Your Water Bill


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Stop Letting Leaks & Waste Destroy Profits

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