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Case Study - White Glove with The Water Scrooge™

Case Study - White Glove with The Water Scrooge™

With The Water Scrooge's™ full-service offerings, you can reduce your monthly water bill by 65%. Discover how our services and products drastically improved overnight savings at the 747 Grand Apartments, Jersey City, by reading our case study now.


Landlords must stay vigilant in routinely monitoring their properties for potential leaks, as delays can quickly lead to catastrophic consequences. Nobody ever wishes to discover that a minor issue has transformed into a monumental plumbing disaster - something everyone should be aware of!

With so many products on today's market, it is now easier to find products and solutions to save and monitor water consumption with The Water Scrooge™.

The Water Scrooge™ offers water conservation ways and products to multi-family landlords and homeowners, including shower flow controllersLeak Detection Systems, Toilet Leak Prevention Devices (The Toilet Scrooge™)water flow management devices (SMART Valve™)toilet calibration, and all of the above products are also DIY products.


After its initial three years, a recently-built building in Jersey City faced an unexpected spike in its water bill.

After bringing in a plumber and infrared cameras to find leaks, yet all attempts were unsuccessful, the owners of the apartments finally decided to hire The Water Scrooge™ as their last effort to try solve these issues.


To guarantee no leaks, we installed our patented shower regulators and magnificent Toilet Scrooge™ in each apartment on October 2022. After the installation was complete, there were 0 signs of leaks.

When the water bill arrived a month later, it was evident that usage had decreased by an immense 55%!!! The secret behind this extraordinary cost-cutter? Mitigating "silent" toilet leaks - when no one uses any other water sources at night, utility pressure increases and causes these tiny but pernicious breaches.

The fill valve hiding inside many toilets is not equipped to endure the pressurizing, resulting in leakage through flowing water into the overflow tube. This leak is synonymous with its nickname “silent” because it occurs mainly at night when people are asleep.


By regulating the amount of water going to the faulty toilets, we reduced our monthly losses significantly (as illustrated below).

By installing the toilet leak prevention device, any potential repairs to toilets were automatically prevented due to the valve that limits water flow.

The tables below illustrate the monthly impact from when the projects were completed.

The landlord was overjoyed by the outcome and even more astounded by how quickly The Toilet Scrooge managed to end all the leaks.

The installations took place in October 2022. Notice how the water charges drastically lowered from a range of approximately $1325 to $3600, to $600 to $780.

Case Study - White Glove with The Water Scrooge™


Water rated diagram


Toilet Scrooge™ Savings Solutions

Unlike leak detection solutions in the market, The Toilet Scrooge™ prevents leaks instead of just detecting them - making it an all-around, better solution for leaky toilets!

Our Toilet Scrooge™ customers save about 15% on their water bills!

Learn more about how much money you can save with the Toilet Scrooge™.

Learn more about how much money you can save with the Toilet Scrooge

About The Water Scrooge™

The Water Scrooge™ offers water conservation ways and products to multi-family landlords and homeowners, including: shower flow controllers, Leak Detection Systems, Toilet Leak Prevention Devices (The Toilet Scrooge™), water flow management devices (SMART Valve™), toilet calibration and DIY products.

Also featuring The Water Scrooge™ App. Our app empowers your team to carry out the installation of our kits. With it, you can also record and track data points about the units (other than water usage).