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Case Study - 3071 Perry Avenue, Bronx. NY

Case Study - 3071 Perry Avenue, Bronx. NY

The Water Scrooge™ was engaged to affect water savings in this 12-unit building. The starting point for this building was annual sewer and water costs of $19,008,

The Water Scrooge program included the installation of:

  • In-suite efficiency upgrades to reach EPA standard flow rate and
  • Installation of the Toilet Scrooge valve to eliminate leaks from running toilets.

Before engaging with The Water Scrooge™, the property averaged 289 Gallons / Unit / Day. 

The Water Scrooge installations took place in January 2024.

The graphs below cover Feb-April 2023 in Red and Feb-April 2024 in Blue. Data pulled from NYC DEP portal.


Table 1.0    Average Volume / Unit / Day. Pre/Post Installation

2023 Average consumption: 289 Gallons / Unit / Day

February - April 2024 Average consumption: 190 Gallons / Unit / Day - 34.2% savings.

This installation led to a steady decline in the average daily consumption volume.

Savings / Payback / ROI

The net benefit of the Water Scrooge conservation program is annual savings of approximately $6,500.

This is calculated using:

  • The initial average usage of 3471 Gallons / Day (2023 Consumption)
  • The revised average usage of 2286 Gallons / Day (2024)
  • Water and Sewer Cost of $0.015 / Gallon
  • Hot water savings of $59.25 daily

The project cost was $5400 = $450 / door

The payback period on the $5400 investment is over ten months, with an ROI of 116%


Before installations (Feb-Apr 2023)
After installations (Feb-Apr 2024)
Savings (Feb-Apr 2024)
295,480 gal
203,470 gal
92,010 gal
   Water Cost

Based on current savings, you are projected to save $6487 annually (which equals $540.63 per unit) and will produce positive ROI after ten months.

Toilet Scrooge™ Savings Solutions

Unlike leak detection solutions in the market, The Toilet Scrooge™ prevents leaks instead of just detecting them - making it an all-around, better solution for leaky toilets!

Our Toilet Scrooge™ customers save about 15% on their water bills!

Learn more about how much money you can save with the Toilet Scrooge™.

Learn more about how much money you can save with the Toilet Scrooge

About The Water Scrooge™

The Water Scrooge™ offers water conservation ways and products to multi-family landlords and homeowners, including: shower flow controllers, Leak Detection Systems, Toilet Leak Prevention Devices (The Toilet Scrooge™), water flow management devices (SMART Valve™), toilet calibration and DIY products.

Also featuring The Water Scrooge™ App. Our app empowers your team to carry out the installation of our kits. With it, you can also record and track data points about the units (other than water usage).