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What Are Water Controllers?

What Are Water Controllers?

As a landlord looking for ways to maximize your rental income, you've probably stumbled across lots of content online about saving money by installing low-flow showerheads. Sadly, this solution is neither realistic nor practical for most multi-family housing buildings.

Tenants dissatisfied with reduced water pressure from low-flow showerheads are often tempted to tamper with these supposed money-saving additions. This unfortunate fact means that putting in low-flow showerheads can quickly become a waste of both time and money for landlords trying to improve their bottom lines. The cost of the showerheads and the hours of labor spent installing them get swept down the drain when tenants interfere. What's worse, rental businesses' water and energy bills continue to skyrocket after the showerheads become compromised.

Luckily, there is a simple solution... 

The water controller.

What Do Water Controllers Do?

A water controller is a small device that fits onto a shower arm fixture behind the shower wall. It regulates the water flow by decreasing the amount of H2O used every time a tenant takes a shower. 

While the United States government mandates that showerheads give a maximum flow of 2.5 gallons of water per minute, the average fixture still runs about 4 gallons per minute. This unregulated output means that Americans waste an outrageous amount of water while showering. Water controllers help to keep those numbers down.

Besides limiting your tenants' water waste, installing a water controller also provides hundreds to thousands of dollars in savings on landlords' water and energy bills every year. 

What Are the Benefits of Installing Water Controllers?

Are you on the fence in deciding whether installing water controllers is the best choice for your business? If these budget-saving devices are a new concept for you, we understand your hesitation. However, once you learn the full benefits of installing water controllers, like those offered by The Water Scrooge, the choice becomes crystal clear. 

Tamper-Free Design

One of the most significant benefits that water controllers provide landlords is their tamper-free design. Low-flow showerheads are in full view of tenants who might be tempted to tamper with them to enjoy better water pressure. Water controllers, on the other hand, reduce water usage from their hidden position behind the shower wall. By being in a place that is hidden from the eye, they are also hidden from the mind. Plus, there is no room for a wrench plyers to try to remove the water controller from behind the shower wall.

Easy Installation

Water controllers housed behind shower walls might sound like a pain to install. Rest assured that this is not the case! 

Landlords do not have to tear out their units' shower walls or do any bathroom renovations to install water controllers. Instead, they merely need to unscrew the showerhead fixture to insert the water controller behind the wall. This no-mess solution takes only a few seconds to achieve. It also saves you the hassle and headache of breaking into your building's infrastructure and tearing up the plumbing.

Incredible Cost Savings

Installing low-flow showerheads is a proven waste of time, labor, and money. Water controllers are a refreshing solution because they begin providing significant returns on your initial investment as soon as you introduce them into your building's units. In fact, when residents use less hot water to take their showers, the savings can add up to an astonishing $500 per unit per year in water and energy bills.  

Consider the fact that conventional showerheads lacking water controllers can waste 2 to 5 gallons of water per minute of use. You'll be sorry you waited so long to take charge of the water bills your tenants have been racking up! 

Start Saving Big with Water Controllers

Water controllers are dependable money savers that are easy to install and offer valuable maintenance monitoring reports. Because they're located behind shower walls, tenants are unable to tamper with them to foil your important cost-cutting strategies. Click here to learn more about other ways to save water!

When you equip your apartments' showers with water controllers, the dollars saved on utility bills bring a sizeable boost to your bottom line every year. 

Are you ready to start saving water and money with water controllers? Contact us today to learn more about ordering The Water Scrooge™ water controllers for your multi-family housing units.