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The Toilet Scrooge™

Toilet Leak Prevention Valve


Did you know...

Apartment building water bills routinely run in the thousands, leaving landlords to overpay month after month without realizing it?


And from what we’ve seen – most are.

New Leaks Are Always Occurring

Put simply, you can't predict which toilets will begin leaking next during routine inspections.

And having maintenance devote that kind of time to toilet monitoring just isn't practical.

Tenants Seldom Report Leaks

Sometimes that’s because they’re not personally bothered by them. And why would they be?

You're the one footing the bill. However, more often than not, they’re simply completely unaware of the leak’s existence.


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Fortunately, we have a solution!

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How does The Toilet Scrooge™ work?

Toilet Leak Prevention Device

The Toilet Scrooge™ device controls water flow by allowing water to flow to the toilet only when a user is present.

After the user leaves, the valve closes, preventing water from flowing to the toilet.

No water flow = No continuous leaking!


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Toilet Scrooge Device

Motion Sensor

The Toilet Scrooge™ leak prevention device uses a motion sensor that activates when a user is present.

When the sensor is activated, the valve opens to allow water to flow to the toilet.


Toilet Scrooge Sensor

Powered By Water

The Toilet Scrooge™ leak prevention device uses a miniature water wheel, harvesting energy to keep it powered.

When the toilet flushes, it recharges the battery, meaning no battery maintenance.

Simply tie it into your flow of water and start saving money!


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Toilet Scrooge Valve

More Effective Solution

Unlike leak detection solutions in the market, The Toilet Scrooge™ prevents leaks instead of just detecting them - making it a better solution for leaky toilets.

Leak detection sensors in individual toilets can be easily broken by tenants (or tampered with) and stop working (Believe us, we know) - When this happens, it is a headache for maintenance reps. to get access to the unit to repair the sensors. Remember, maintenance personals are busy doing million other things and to go to units to deal with tenants' behavior is the last thing on their mind!

Also, many times, toilet leaks are silent. In this scenario, maintenance representatives tend to give up on finding the leaks as they may think that the sensor's data is incorrect - because they do not find the silent leaks.


dog guard valve

Save Money on Water

Take advantage of The Toilet Scrooge™ Toilet Leak Prevention solution.

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What are the advantages of using The Toilet Scrooge™?


Energy Harvesting

Flushing the toilet generates energy, keeping the valve powered.

No battery maintenance or replacement batteries necessary!


Easy Installation

The Toilet Scrooge™ device can be installed in minutes, no hard wiring is required.

Simply tie it into your flow of water and you're all set!


Motion Activated

The Toilet Scrooge™ Leak Prevention Device has a motion sensor that detects when a user is present and allows water to flow to the toilet.

No user, no water flow, no waste!

Other details you should know about
The Toilet Scrooge™ Leak Prevention Device

Download Spec Sheet

Download the spec sheet to learn all the details about The Toilet Scrooge™.


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Are you ready to reduce your water bill?

Take advantage of The Toilet Scrooge™ Toilet Leak Prevention solution,
and start saving money on your water bills.

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